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We are loving, encouraging, and accepting. We reach through open doors to connect with people behind closed doors.

About Us

Established in 2018, Behind Closed Doors Ministries LLC is a nonprofit organization that is devoted to the spiritual enhancement of our communities. We serve individuals throughout Mahoning County and Trumbull County in Ohio.

People who are suffering from this world’s trials and tribulations shall not suffer alone or in silence. No person should have the door of opportunity closed in their face. Every person needs help in their lives. Our purpose is to provide biblical information, spiritual counseling, food, clothing, and school supplies to those in need.

The People Behind Our Christian Organization

Our ministry consists of people just like you. Some of us have been homeless, hungry, and in need. The Lord placed us in the position to help others. One day, you will be in the position to help people as well. Thank you in advance for God’s service.

Founder, Minister Michelle Carter-Douglass

Minister Michelle Carter-Douglass is a graduate of Struthers High School (1991), Mahoning County Joint Vocational School (1991), and Youngstown State University (2014). Among her accomplishments, she is a mother, author, and survivor of domestic abuse. Minister Carter-Douglass is dedicated to serving God and helping those in our communities.

Parishioner, Patricia A. Carter

Parishioner Patricia A. Carter is a graduate of Struthers High School (1969). She attended Youngstown State University. Additionally, she is a member of St. John A.M.E Church and Eastern Star. Sister Carter is the proud mother of Michelle Carter-Douglass and Nicole Carter. She is also a domestic violence survivor.

Parishioner, Nicole D. Carter APRN

Parishioner Nicole D. Carter APRN is a graduate of Struthers High School (1992), Youngstown State, and Kent University. She is a member of St. John A.M.E. Church. In addition, she survived domestic violence and homelessness.

Parishioner, Patrick M. Douglass

Parishioner Patrick M. Douglass is a graduate of Struthers High School (2013). He is a published author and survivor of abuse. Brother Patrick is dedicated to God's work and passionate about helping others who have gone through similar trials in their lives.

Parishioner, Arlessa R. Douglass

In 2016, Parishioner Arlessa R. Douglass graduated from Struthers High School and Mahoning County Career Technical Center. Sister Arlessa is a singer and published author. She dedicates her life to God and encouraging others.

Parishioner, Brialan Douglass

Parishioner Brialan Douglass is a graduate of Struthers High School (2019). He is a published author and survivor of abuse. Moreover, Brother Brialan is dedicated to God's word and encouraging others to embrace their talents and strengths.

Parishioner, Jake Larkin

Parishioner Jake Larkin is a graduate of Boardman Highschool in 2009 and Youngstown State University.

Parishioner, Patrice Larkin

Patrice Larkin is a high school graduate of Ursuline in 2011, an attendee of Youngstown State University, and a graduate of Kent State University of 2019.



  • Darlene Culver
  • Irma Casey
  • Karen Gibson
  • Eunice Curtis
  • Rose Bryant
  • Mr. Herman Harcum and Mrs. Donna Greenwood-Harcum
  • Walter Davis
  • Evelyn McWilson
  • Thelma Johnson
  • The Johnson Family


At God’s Work!

Clothing and School Supply Giveaway (2020)

Minister Michelle Carter-Douglass, Parishioner Patricia Carter, Parishioner Nicole Carter, and Evelyn McWilson organized a clothing and school supply giveaway for the Mahoning and Trumbull counties.

Food Giveaway (June 2020)

Behind Closed Ministry strives to help families in our communities. In June 2020, our ministry donated 15 food boxes. Food purchased from Anglin Thrif-T Meats (Youngstown, Ohio), Marc's grocery stores (Austintown and Boardman, Ohio), and the Save A Lot store (Struthers, Ohio).

Holiday Food Box Giveaway (2021)


Our Ministry's Events and Giveaways 2023

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